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Expectations Of Laser Hair Removal

Before you drive to the nearest clinic that offers laser hair removal in San Diego, you might be interested in knowing its consequences first. Yes, hair laser removal has also its risks and limitations. But it doesn’t mean it’s no longer a good solution for unwanted hair.

Before we proceed, you should also know that the usual side effects that come along laser hair removal are very minimal and temporary. But then, you should always equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about the procedure.

Consequences of Hair Removal

The first consequence of laser hair removal is that it’s a bit painful. If you’ve read about this procedure and they tell you it’s painless, they’re just making some hype to encourage you for the treatment. In truth, laser hair hurts but it’s tolerable. The feeling is like your skin is being hit by a rubber band. Remember that laser is heat. A very intense heat that is necessary to destroy the follicles in your epidermis. During the procedure, you might feel a little burning sensation but that’s normal. Anyway, the doctor will also use some local anesthetic so you wouldn’t really feel it at all. The pain may last after the procedure for several hours. The doctor will give you some ointment or any prescribed medication to relieve the discomfort.

Another consequence is swelling. There are times that the laser device may produce too much heat that can burn your skin. But if given by a highly experienced physician, this side effect may be avoided. Anyways, if this happens to you, you may just purchase a topical cream or ointment to relieve the swelling. Aside from swelling, bruises and blemishes may also occur. After the treatment, you may also notice redness on your skin. This is a very normal side effect and it will eventually go away after some time.

One of the worst consequences of hair laser removal is blistering. This may result from too much burns and infection. Aside from looking very terrible, blisters are very painful. Another serious side effect of laser hair removal is hyperpigmentation. Skin discoloration may be the permanent outcome of this procedure and it’s very terrible to look at. This happens when your skin type is not perfect for the treatment.

Though temporary, the side effects may take it may take longer sometimes. It can take several days and weeks!

Another thing that you should know about this treatment is that it doesn’t bring permanent solution. Hair growth is normal and hair follicles will always recover and start growing hair again. Nevertheless, you can expect long-term results from laser hair removal in San Diego. You can have flawless and hairless skin for months!

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