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Both Mentally Tune In Weight Loss

The right mental attitude – the key to success for any of the life process. And weight loss, as it turns out, is not an exception.

Anton Kucuk, instructor group programs for fitness, personal trainer, believes that the importance of mental attitude for people who want to lose weight, cannot be overstated.

“The process of weight loss is always associated with increased physical activity, firm determination and insistence to itself” – says Anton – “Often have to limit itself in many acquired eating habits, give up junk food, and even radically change views on life. And then without really strong motivation is necessary. We have a very strong desire to achieve results, and want to permanently and firmly decide this for themselves. Without such a right mental attitude success is simply impossible. “

What you need to do in order to secure a strong base for the diet in the form of right mental attitude, learned.

1. Honestly answer the question “why do you need to lose weight?”

The main cause of the “failures” on the way to the desired goal is chosen is wrong or not strong enough motivation.

“In my experience,” – says Anton – “lack of motivation – it’s a guarantee that you will soon overcome overwhelming and irresistible laziness. I often come across the fact that the people who have made the first step (which is not very much and simple) begun to work on themselves, let themselves be absent only one workout (or eat only one piece of candy for the night) … Bad weather, a head ache a little, just not in the mood … Then another. And more. And just throw the whole process, and not reap a good start so start. ”

When going to be hard to be something that “will take” you to the gym or give strength diet. A motivation of the “try, maybe that will turn out” just to score the decisive goal in the match, and your gates “Weight Loss” will be played.

Therefore, following the advice of professionals, we recommend you not properly and fairly chosen target, the process of weight loss motivation is not even start.

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to lose weight?” And honestly find the answer. Motivation to lose weight cannot possibly be correct or incorrect, it should be yours! It should inspire you, to carry on the wings of the gym, give strength to eat an apple instead of a cake and do exercises in the morning.

What exactly do you want? Feel confident in the summer at the beach? Liked to get into the wedding dress? More like a favorite? Get rid of the giggles and complexes? To feel better?

Well chosen target, as a diagnosis in medicine – from it is 100% dependent all treatment. Most importantly, this will depend on your satisfaction with the entire process and later – with the result.

Append to motivate quantitative indicators of your success. For example:

“For two months I want to get rid of 2 cm in the abdomen, 3 cm at the waist to look good on holiday in a new bathing suit” or “For six months, I want to weight loss by 7 kg, remove 5 cm at the waist, hips 4 cm, 2 cm in his hands.”

If you know exactly what you want, you can objectively and communicate with a trainer at the gym, and the search for a specific diet and other methods for weight loss.

2. Love yourself

People often fail to identify the most powerful lever of pressure on their weakness and excuses to lose weight and deal with them. And this is not someone’s advice or attempt to please somebody, is not approaching wedding or beach season. And do not even dress in which to climb, to strike the spot guests at a social event …

All that really you need is love itself, and very sincerely want to become unrivaled just for yourself. In the end, the desire to be better and constantly evolve – the driving force of all life.

Yes, it is a universal board at all times and, though it is always better to use positive motivation than negative. Feel the difference between the approaches: “I love myself, but I need to improve my body and do it” and “I hate myself / my body, and I will fight to make it beautiful”.

It seems that the choice is obvious, right? It is much easier to walk peacefully in the forest during the day and carry cakes than with a gun his way through the booths, and the barricades at night for the same purpose. Believe me, love me usually much more difficult than to lose weight. So, if you succeed in loving yourself, you can do anything!

Although still a certain amount of anger and criticism to itself can add excitement to your process of weight loss, but do not stick Bend. It’s not all food, but only spice to it!

3. Choose comfort schedule loads and power

Confidence that you can handle the fact that you will come – great feeling, gives strength while weight loss. Do not force yourself. Yes, weight loss – it is always limited and discipline, but getting up at 6 am on the hated training every day after breakfast, joyless, rather than the figure you will soon get either a nervous breakdown or just throw in the middle of the process, as most do. So knowing yourself Plan all your weight loss so that you are sure that you do on the shoulder – no doubts or fears.

If you understand that train every day you cannot, do not take all his will in a fist, telling himself “I must!”, And just do as much training as overpower (not too lazy, of course).

The same goes for food. With such a moderate approach, you’ll be sure that the right side, will minimize violence against them, and will know what results can wait for a weight loss technique.

Iron will and discipline, of course, effective mechanisms, because not a ton of excess weight they dared to the ground. However, if you want to lose weight in a fun and you have the time (because sometimes you need in an emergency mode to change something in yourself, then without a will in his hand in any way), you’d better do it quietly.

4. Raduyte themselves

Clearly painted and disciplined life with weight restrictions takes feminine forces that are so essential during weight loss. And instead of the promised ease in the body and the great joy felt only fatigue and irritability. So be sure to include yourself in any weight loss plan, “joy”, waiting to inspire you to their next visit to the fitness or calorie lunch.

Just remember that what you include in the plan as the “mastermind”, have to please you, that is, it must be something in what you deny yourself for a long time, but want to. In addition to the cake, of course. Buy a bottle of perfume, go to the sushi bar (if it allows your menu), do yourself a spa day off.

Properly structured weight loss process can go very easily and then radically change your habits and lifestyle. Change so that you do not have to lose weight, but will be just enough to live right, to the fun and keep fit.

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