The Top Air Force 1 Crease Protectors for Protecting Your Investment

Air Force 1s are a classic investment . They’re a timeless style, they’re versatile and they look good on pretty much anyone. However , the Air Force 1 has proven itself to be susceptible to wear and tear when split open and creasing. That’s why it’s important to invest in a crease protector. These little accessories help your shoe look new longer, and they will protect your Air Force 1 in the process.

We’ve developed a list of the best Air Force 1 crease protectors available online right now. We’ve narrowed down our list to the top three products based on the materials they use, their longevity , and their price points .

Nike Air Force 1 Swoosh Crease Protectors

These are the best crease guards for af1 on the market right now. They feature a durable synthetic leather construction that keeps your Air Force 1 clean and fresh even when it’s split open. These crease protectors are water and stain resistant, so you can wear them even after you’ve worn your Air Force 1 in the rain or snow. These crease protectors come with the Nike Swoosh logo on them, making them perfect for daily wear. They’re also lightweight and breathable, so they won’t weigh your Air Force 1 down during activity.

When it comes to pricing, these Nike crease protectors retail for $12.99 on Nike’s website and $6.99 on Amazon .

Nike Air Force 1 Swoosh Crease Protectors Brushed Metallic

Those who like a little more class in their crease protectors should look into the Nike Air Force 1 Swoosh Crease Protector Brushed Metallic . These crease protectors have a matte, brushed metallic finish with a shiny Swoosh on the sides. These crease protectors also have the signature Nike Swoosh design on them, so you’ll still be able to sport your Air Force 1 in style even with the crease protector on. These crease protectors offer the same durability and water-resistance as the Nike Swoosh Crease Protectors. They’re also lightweight and breathable , so you shouldn’t notice any extra weight when you wear your Air Force 1 with them on.

If these Nike crease protectors are a little out of your range , check out the Nike Air Force 1 Swoosh Crease Protectors at Shoe Carnival. These crease protectors are cheap in comparison to the original Nike Air Force 1 Swoosh Crease Protectors. They retail for $4.99 at Shoe Carnival .

Nike Air Force 1 Swoosh Crease Protectors Brushed Metallic Rebound Blue

These Nike crease protectors are the closest thing you’ll find to the original Nike Swoosh Crease Protectors. These Nike crease protectors feature a suede-like, metallic finish that’s similar to the older version. However, the Nike Swoosh Crease Protector Brushed Metallic Rebound Blue is a newer version of the brand’s crease protector that’s slightly cheaper and is still durable enough to protect your Air Force 1 from damage. These crease protectors are lightweight and breathable, so you can wear them comfortably all day long without noticing any extra bulk in your shoes.

If you don’t want to pay $12.99 for a Nike crease protector, check out eBay for a good deal on a pair. You can buy a used pair of Nike crease protectors on eBay for as little as $5 or less in some cases.

Choosing the right crease protector for your Air Force 1 model is important. After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money only to discover that they tear or come apart soon after you put them on .

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