Clear Therapy Acnes Treatment

Clear Therapy Acnes Treatment is a very effective treatment system that comes in a pack with three different stages in it. This can deal with small or large outbreaks and is good for calming the field blemishes on your face. It uses only oil free additives and ingredients so that it does not induce any extra facial oils.

Firstly you have the face wash which is designed to get the into the skin and the pause to clean away all of the dirt and grease from your skin. It contains fine pumice and wall nut shell scrub additives. Whilst also carrying the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria.

Next you have a moisturising and treatment lotion and you pronounce your face after washing. This is to be used during the day and at night and treats the skin by calming all of the blemishes and redness away whilst attacking the acne. You find here is double the amount of benzoyl peroxide than in normal products there is 5% in this lotion. It also has chamomile and aloe vera to help prevent any skin irritations.

Lastly there is a spot treatments that has been designed to counter and any large pimples at May arise. It will not leave the spot looking sore or red but will get to work quickly tackling it and minimising the impact it has on your face.

The manufacturer

Clear Therapy is a U.S. based company and is sells its products predominantly online. It offers a full money back guarantee and also has very positive reviews on its service and products on the Internet.

Why it works well

There are three system care works very well as it attacks the acne leaving you with cleaner and fresher skin. The day lotion that is provided has doubled the amount of benzoyl peroxide then most other acne products on the market so this is meant for those who have got a serious problem and need something a little stronger.

There have been no known side effects with using this product and there have been positive reviews on the Internet.

Our verdict

We would recommend anyone who has not seen good results with other products. This has a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide which means that it has high amounts of their FDA approved fighting solution. Also the spot cream is good at attacking those price pimples that pop-up when you least expect it and this treatment plan is reasonably priced and comes with a money back guarantee.

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